Orenda's Mighty Ducks Page

Hey, Orenda here. Yeah, I know.. Original name, huh? I'm going to work on that, I promise. Anyways, I decided to build this page so that I could have my fanfiction up along with possible other things in the future. But for right now until I get this going, it will mainly be my Mighty Ducks stories that I have written. I always welcome comments, so please feel free to tell me what you think about my site. And my guestbook is also a way to review my fics, which I love feedback on even more.

Update: 6/18/03

Guess what? I got rid of Geocities! Woo! Well, for the most part at least. It's my new start for now, and I'll be updating more often now, including to change some of my layout. Check back soon for more! ^^

Update: 6/11/03

Um.. In case you're wondering about my backgrounds, they don't work anymore. Why? Because I changed the location of them and I didn't update the html. I'll do it this week sometime, but for right now I'm afraid that you'll have to look at boring white backgrounds. And I'm sorry about the two pages that are "blank", because the text is white on those pages for the, uh, dark backgrounds. I'll fix those first, I promise.

Anyways, I finally finished Choices at long last! And since ff.net refuses to let me upload it there, this is the only place you can read it for now. Please feel free to comment.

Update: 6/12/03

Okay, I think the backgrounds work now... But now the links on my new page won't work for Internet Explorer. *Tries to figure out why they will work on Mozilla but not on IE* I'll play around with it more later today and see if I can fix it. Sorry about that. More updates soon.